Efficiently Serving Customers Uniquely … the new power of digital communication

by R Lunde

Mass Customization … is efficiently serving customers uniquely

“The ability to customize an offering on demand for an individual customer and produce it on an efficient, non-craft bases is known as Mass Customization.” Stan Davis in his book Future Perfect.

Example of Mass Customization? Think Starbucks!

Digital communication is THE link that enables Mass Customization  customer communication …

The Marketing Function Is About To Be Radically Altered

Smartphones, tablets and e-readers, digital communication tools,  are rapidly capturing the majority of American consumer market. Asia and many European countries are more advanced in penetration and apps than the US. The product shelf life is short as a constant parade of ‘better’ hardware and software continually hits the market. The consumer is demanding and unforgiving to laggards. Think Motorola.

As digital communication tools penetrate the market, many think the marketing function will be radically altered from the present form of mass communication to an approximation of 1:1 or Mass Customization. Products, information and incentives are all part of the Mass Customization mix.

Understanding The Digital Communication Tool Marketplace

What exactly does the digital marketplace look like?  Understanding the foundation is a critical initial step. 1st answers appear in new research from Prosper’s just released Mobile Insight Center. http://prospermobile.com/.

Click on the red box at the right of the screen and register … it’s free. Examine all the tabs. You’ll get a very good set of insights. One interesting insight for example, from a marketer’s perspective,  is the study on planned switching from one carrier to another and the reasons why. (Look for the tab at the top of the screen.)

The Prosper Data  Presentation … is Mass Customization

But most importantly, look at the data presentation. It is a true 1st tier example of Mass Customization. Data … customized … frictionless.  Data served up anyway you want it … just like Starbucks.

Turning Possibilities Into Opportunities

Digital devices are the ‘gateway’ tools for marketers to shift into the future. Those that successfully master targeted interactions will first gain insights from individual data perspectives and then go on to envision the power of each variable. These ‘sights’ will enable a marketer to build foresight and create tomorrow’s hindsight … today. These marketers will have an unfettered perception of what truly meeting customer needs looks like … hence the ability to turn possibilities into opportunities.